This is another one of the many ways NCC differs from other payday loan providers. Other lenders will use words like “vary”, “approximately” or “typically” when describing their fees. Are these words you feel comfortable with when borrowing money?

At NCC we like to keep things simple.

We disclose our fees up front and in three simple words:

$25 per hundred.

You aren’t charged an additional brokerage fee and we don’t deal with third party lenders. With us you’ll feel confident in knowing that you will always get the same low rate no matter how much or how little you borrow.

You don't need to be given the run-around or wade through pages of fine print to find out where your money is going. We don't deal in tier systems or third party lenders who charge additional fees on top of what you're already paying. We know you like to keep things simple and so do we. And what could be easier than those three little words

$25 per hundred?

Isn’t it a lot easier to budget and plan your month when you know exactly what your expenses are going to be, and you don’t have to worry about unexpected fees?

We are proud to offer the lowest rates of any payday loan provider in New Brunswick. And with no credit check required, you’ll have your money in minutes.

Remember, at NCC your first loan is always half off!

That’s right…instead of $25 per hundred, you’ll pay just $12.50.

It’s just our way of saying thanks for choosing us!